Services, consultance

Do You wish for increased comfort in Your home?

Are You uncertain about getting out the style of the rooms (vestibule, living, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, hotel room, workspace, children’s room, youth room), respectively about accomplishing it?

We are waiting for You to contact us for a meeting at our main office or even in Your home, when we can help You with:

1. consultance in arranging spaces

2. determining, measuring rooms

3. planning furniture:

In case of each work we make exact execution projects which contain dimensions, materials, forms and price. Consultance, measuring spaces and the project itself costs 30lei/ square metre.

4. furniture execution:

after the project is approved by You, our production department, having an experience of approximately 20 years and with the exigence of an ISO quality management system, manufactures the furniture. The necessary household appliances and accessories can be purchased either by us, or by yourself. However we do not execute connections to power, water and gas systems.

5. transport of furniture:

we have our own trucks, so we help you with delivery as well.

6. mounting furniture:

the duty of our mounting team is to accomplish it.

7. guarantee:

our company bears responsibility of the quality and offers a guarantee of 2 years for the executed furniture. At the same time we offer You post-guarantee services.

If, by chance You haven’t known us and you are not at the first points, it is not a problem, we will help you step by step. Suppose You have already measured the room, so we execute the project at your own risk or if you already have a project for the furniture we will undertake again at your risk to make the dream come true.