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Beginning from the year 1992 BART IMPEX SRL (LTD) assumed the responsibility to create furniture that is at the client’s heart’s content and fitted to the space the client needs to be furnished, taking into consideration the contemporary tendencies as forms, materials, accessories, without neglecting the exigent procession of quality.

Bearing the experience gathered in time we came to know all the ergonomic necessities of the cook, and we help so that her/his work is enjoyed by the ones loved in a familiar ambiant in the dining room, to largen the storing capacity of a modern dressing room, to have ideas for the play space in children’s room, to impose quietude for the rest in the bedroom, to dye with a pleasant nuance the space for corporal care, to inspire atmosphere in a vestibule, to help managerial decisions by optimally organizing offices, to transmit the flavour of relaxation of a living, to attract clients to commercial spaces or even to warm patients’ hearts in the peculiar ambiant of medical consultation rooms, or ............................... and......................

The company has a design center, an executional workshop and mounting teams.

The first step to test our reliability and to find our place on the market of furniture producers, we decided to implement beginning the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 from 2005 and the environmental management system 14001:2004 from 2008.

The high standard tests proved to be fruitful by the result of some orders come from foreign partners in France, Spain, Hungary, and in the same time we became the local representative of INDECO brand – sliding door systems.

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Managership of Bart Impex SRL (LTD)